An online platform is essential for a business to be resilient during these times.
We offer a simple solution for businesses to enhance their customer’s experience.

Many business owners and managers have realized the problem is not the wait itself for customers. Rather, the problem is the sense of uncertainty customers feel when they’re part of a seemingly never-ending queue.

Waiting in line doesn't have to be painful anymore, we have solved this by

1Solving Customer Wait Time Uncertainty

Our application allows customers to see live wait times from the app and are notified via text message once their table or order is ready.

2Allow Pre-ordering While Customers Wait

Our application allows customers to pre order while they wait in line, meaning your business will get faster turn over and happier customers

These are some of the features QResponse does to help!

  • Waitlist Management

  • SMS Customer Alerts

  • Online Ordering

  • Manage Reservations

  • Online Menus

  • Curbside Pickup

  • Self Managed Delivery

  • Weekly Special Menus

How can my business get started?

*How to videos are included in the package*

Sign Up Online

Using our online form you can sign up instantly. You will receive all features available from our application with a two-week trial. Contact tracing will always be free!

Activate Payment System

Sign up for a Helcim account and link the account with our application in a few simple steps. You will then be able to start accepting credit card payments online!

Get Customers Using It

Download your QR code from the settings page and post this on tables, takeout bags, posters, anywhere you would want your customers to have access to the application. Alternatively users can use a URL link if they dont want to use a QR code.

What are the next steps?

Features Switch

You don’t need all the features that are listed? Not a problem. Our platform lets you turn on and off features based on your needs. Choose the ones that you need!

DIY Menus

Change your online menus, take out menus, item pricing, item add-ons, item sizes, company information, and more within the settings page of the application. These updates are live and can be changed when you need them.

Pre-Order Menu

Want to increase your potential sales while customers wait in line? Allow them to pre-order from the app before they are seated


Custom Settings

Need a special SMS message to alert your customers when their table is ready or when their order is up? Not a problem. We allow businesses to change their text message content to fit their needs!

Hands-On Assistance

Dedicated team to help you with your setup. Don’t wait weeks for assistance we are here to help you when you need it. More importantly, we want to hear your feedback to improve our system!

Live Updates

No more refreshing the app or reloading the page, our web application keeps you up to date with visual and sound alerts when a new order comes in!

How does it work for my customers?

Scan The QR Code

On the main screen, you have the ability to choose from joining the waitlist, viewing the online menu, making a reservation, creating an online order, and filling in contact tracing information. 

No Download Required

QR Code not working? No problem visit the restaurant’s short link from your web browser. You do not need to download any apps on your phone!


Join the virtual waitlist and avoid the line ups and crowded areas. This feature can be used for curbside pickup or dine in.

View Menus

View scheduled weekly specials, menus that are up to date, reduce contact with reusable menus, and reduce environmental impact with paper copies.


Online reservations can be made and the restaurant can see it live with the details that you may need (ie. high chair).

Online Checkout Cart

Save your local business from 25-30% margin charges by using our platform! Select the item you would like with add on options, size options, discount options, and allergy notes. Review your cart and check out with your credit card information. 

Curbside Option

Get an SMS notification when your order is ready for pickup. No more waiting in the cold, or in big group areas! 

Delivery Options Avilable

If you live near the area delivery option may be available. They can set a preset distance around their business that they offer delivery to!

No download is required!

Access our live demo below.

Check out the full functionality of the application before signing up.

Free two weeks trial avilable.

Contact tracing will always be free!

Check our video for more information!

Still have questions? Contact us!

asked questions

1Who can sign up?

Any registered business / restaurant or registered non-profit organization

2How long is the trial?

You get all features for free for 2 weeks. After the free trial you will have reduced features.

3What company handles the merchant payments?

We use Helcim, they are a Calgary, Canadian based company.

4What are the transaction fees?

Helcim charges around 3% per transaction you can find out exact pricing here.

5How much does it cost for ad free experience?

The application is $50 per month for a ad free experience. *if SMS limit is reached additional SMS charges may apply

6Can I update my own menus?

Yes this is an essential part of the application, it allows you to edit your menus, pricing, addons, descriptions, weekly specials on the fly without having to contact support.

1Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No credit card is required, unless you require SMS messages to notify your customers. After 2 weeks trial you will be requested to enter your credit card to enable all features.

2How can I get support for the application?

You can contact us via email

3Is reporting available for my transaction?

Yes, Helcim can provide in-depth reporting for transactions taken from the application.

4Can I provide refunds to my customers?

Yes you can provide refunds from the Helcim dashboard.

5Does the application provide delivery service?

Sort of. Currently you can manage our own delivery distance. You can set a distance you are able to delivery to from the app and mange the delivery yourself. We are looking for more support for this service and hope to enhance this feature further.

6How much are SMS charges?

$0.03 / message segment. This charge applies for the trial and limited feature plan. In your full features plan, 1750 messages are included after these are used you will be charged for usage.


The overall experience with QResponse is outstanding. It's quick, simple, and professional. Even when their were minor issues, the staff provided instant support and fixed the issue in no time.

QResponse had a very easy process, an intuitive user interface, and a great price for the product. Happy with the service and application, would recommend to others.

The experience for me was very good. The process was simple and I was able to implement this solution into my restaurant quickly!

We were featured in the Calgary Herald and Tourism Calgary!

Our highlight from City of Calgary

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QResponse is supporting the Calgary Flames playoff season by allowing businesses with a waitlist management system for FREE!
Are you facing wait time issues during the playoffs? We are here to help you solve those problems!
Eliminate line ups, streamline your customer service, manage appointments and reservations. Get better reviews from happier customers!
We help customers into queue easily! No more crowded line ups, inform your customers.

Are you struggling with these wait time problems at your restaurant? Here are some tips!

1Long wait times

Solve customer wait time uncertainty with our application. We allow customers to register into our wait list system and see live wait times. Once their table is ready they will be notified with a text message.

2Low turnovers

Allow customers to pre-order ahead of time before they are even sat down. Your servers will be happy to earn more tips and have higher turnovers.

3Influx in customers at uncertain times

Our application can be turned on and off easily when you need it!

4Patio wait times

Not only can we help during the playoffs, we can help manage the sunny days ahead. Let's embrace summer and allow your customers to know when a patio table is avilable for them! Better yet let them reserve their spot!

5Display your wait times

Our application allows your business to display wait times where ever you like, from a screen or from your website! Attract customers from foot traffic outside your business to come in. Control wait times easily from the application.

We are continuously improving our application, we welcome feedback and work with the restaurants directly to increase their potential. Our application is designed with flexibility and can suite any situation you are having problems with. Are you looking to enforce reservation policies (prepaid reservations?) Email us directly at

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